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Zhou (Chinese: ) is a character featured in the novel Battlefield 4: Countdown to War.


Growing up on the streets of Shanghai, Zhou had been abandoned by his parents at a young age to avoid the punitive fine for having more than one child. Zhou stole in order to survive and as time passed, he grew to commit more daring and sophisticated burglaries. At age twelve, Zhou studied how to fly an airplane online and proceeded to steal one, albeit crashing it soon after and sustaining a concussion.

Zhou had also worked for corrupt casino owners, stealing money from their safes so that would not have to pay taxes. His employment soon ended when an altercation erupted over his pay rate, resolving him to never work for criminals again. Zhou later met Kovic when they both had decided to break into the penthouse of a Singaporean arms at the same time. Kovic had accidentally tripped the alarm, only for Zhou to turn it off. From then on, Kovic outsourced Zhou with that part of his work and had been doing it for years.

Countdown to WarEdit

Following Kovic's supposed death at the hands of Cutler, Kovic went to Zhou to ask for help in his plan to find out what exactly happened at the Chinese/North Korean border and the people involved to which Zhou accepted.

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