Battlefield 维基

Shanghai is a prosperous city in China. In general Zhang's declaration of revenge for Jinjie in Shanghai, the speech marked the break-up of Sino US relations and the beginning of Zhang's plot. The American team sneaked into Shanghai, and the people of Shanghai are carrying out strong protest activities. Fighting with Chinese soldiers in the small team marks the US invasion of China and leads to war between China and the United States After rescuing Jinjie, the team was supported by Chen to escape from Shanghai. Error: it is impossible for the Chinese police in Shanghai to wear such American style. The scene of people's Liberation Army killing citizens in this checkpoint is very sensitive to China. China can't send tanks to fight with the team The Chinese Army's glasses are not popular, so it's impossible for everyone in the Chinese army to have guns and glasses. Finally, the title on the port is wrong. The Chinese army is very strict with arms, so it is impossible for the ammunition boxes in civilian houses to appear in the game. Even if it is deployed by the people's Liberation Army, there will be military care

上海是中国繁荣的一大城市,在张将军在上海市发表为金杰报仇的声明讲话 标志着中美关系破裂,也是张阴谋的开端,美国小队潜入上海,上海市人民正在进行强烈的抗议活动,在小队与中国士兵交战 标志着美国入侵中国导致中国与美国开战 拯救金杰后小队受到陈的支援逃离上海


本关卡出现人民解放军屠杀市民的场景 对中国十分敏感



  • 最后港口上的标题错误
  • 中国军队对于军火十分严格 所以游戏中出现在民房的弹药箱是不可能的 就算是人民解放军部署的也会有军队看护

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