Battlefield 维基


EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment公司,被熟知的名称是EA DICE或者DICE,是美国艺电旗下的一个电子游戏开发工作室,总部位于瑞典斯德哥尔摩。DICE最成功的游戏是其出品的战地系列游戏。


DICE was founded by Fredrik Liliegren and Andreas Axelsson in Alvesta, Sweden, in 1988. Most of the early games they developed were small games such as Pinball. In 2000, DICE bought Refraction Games, the company that produced Codename Eagle, and used the game as inspiration for the Battlefield series.

On September 1, 2004, DICE bought Trauma Studios, the developer of a popular Persian Gulf War-themed Battlefield 1942 mod called Desert Combat. Trauma Studios co-developed Battlefield 2 with DICE, but was then shut down on June 7, 2005, a few days before the game's release.

Electronic Arts later bought DICE on October 2, 2006 and has owned it since.

A few days after the acquisition, the Canadian extension of DICE, DICE Canada, was shut down. DICE Canada was based off London, Ontario and worked on booster packs and patches for the Battlefield games.

On May 15, 2013, Electronic Arts opened an American extension of DICE, known as DICE Los Angeles (or DICE LA for short), to focus on developing any new Star Wars IPs after EA secured a deal with Disney for development and publishing rights to the franchise's games. DICE LA also helped DICE in development of Battlefield 4.

Games Developed[]

  • 飞鹰行动 (1999)
  • 战地风云: 城市作战 (Cancelled)
  • 战地风云1942 (2002)
罗马之路 (2003)
二战秘密武器 (2003)
特种部队 (2005)
欧洲力量 (2006)
装甲狂暴 (2006)
  • 战地风云2: 现代战争 (2005)
  • 战地风云2142 (2006)
极地风暴 (2007)
  • 战地风云: 叛逆连队 (2008)
  • 战地风云: 英雄 (2009)
  • 战地风云1943 (2009)
  • 战地风云Online (2010)
  • 战地风云: 叛逆连队2 (2010)
越南 (2010)
重返卡肯 (2011)
正面交锋 (2012)
装甲之怒 (2012)
战后余生 (2012)
终局 (2013)
再次进击 (2013)
中国崛起 (2013)
海军风暴 (2014)
龙之獠牙 (2014)
最终反击 (2014)
Operations Expansion (2015)
夜猎行动 (2015)
社群行动 (2015)
遗迹行动 (2015)
  • 战地风云 Hardline (2015)
Criminal Activity (2015)
Robbery (2015)
Blackout (2015)
Getaway (2016)
Betrayal (2016)
誓死堅守 (2017)
以沙皇之名 (2017)
力挽狂瀾 (2017)
啟示錄 (2018)
  • 战地风云V (2018)
  • 战地风云2042 (2021)



  • DICE typically makes many references to Sweden in their titles, as it is where the company was founded and is currently headquartered.
  • Many maps in the Battlefield series have boxes from the "ECID" shipping company which is DICE spelled backwards.