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Infiltration of Shanghai
BF4 InfiltrationOfShanghai

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War of 2020


USMC logo 美國海軍陸戰隊 vs
China Emblem PLA 中國人民解放軍








All; Conquest, Rush, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch, Obliteration and Defuse






PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Infiltration of Shanghai戰地4社區測試環境 中的一個多人地圖。這是一個稍微修改版的上海之圍,被設置在前一天晚上的圍攻與更高的重點步兵戰鬥和隱身。 地圖於2015年2月6日在戰地4社區測試環境開始測試。不像也在CTE測試的最終反擊地圖,地圖計劃通過對CTE的各個階段的發展。[ 1 ],儘管如此,在2016年3月11日DICE宣布戰地4和CTE將不再有任何更新,任何未完成的內容將不會被添加到遊戲。


Infiltration of Shanghai takes place the night before the full scale siege takes place. As a result, the map is very dark, with light only provided by the moon and the street lights already active in the city. This necessitates the use of Flash Lights, night vision weapon sights, and Hand Flares to effectively navigate the map. With such low visibility on the map, Suppressors also see heavy use to further increase stealth by avoiding being spotted on the minimap.

The map's verticality has also been significantly reduced, with all elevators on the map having been shut off and neither faction having access to helicopters. Both factions instead have lighter vehicles, with MRAPs and Fast Attack Vehicles being particularly abundant alongside each team's IFV. Both teams also have access to PWCs, which can be useful for flanking across the bay to other objectives. A single MBT will spawn for whichever team controls on the skyscraper, making it a significantly contested point on the map.


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Flag layouts

Flag 小型征服 大型征服
Residential Area A
Metro A B
Skyscraper B C
Arcade C D
Restaurant E


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A: Residential Area

Objective Alpha is the closest flag to the US deployment, and is located on the top floor of a two-story parking lot located between two apartment buildings. The top floor can be accessed by vehicle using a ramp on the south side of the lower level, and by foot using the stairwells in the eastern and western buildings and from the lower level. The flag's capture radius covers both floors but not the stairwells, so players have several places to hide in order to capture the base. An MRAP vehicle, the MRAP or ZFB-05, will spawn in the corner on the lower level for the team that controls the base.

A power control box is located north of the objectives in the alley between the two L-shaped buildings. Interacting with this will cause the power to go out in the nearby areas, deactivating all lights, useful if the player's team wants to attempt a stealthy push on the Residential Area or the Metro.

B: Metro

Commander Resource: Infantry Scan

This part of the map, when underground, can prove problematic as the visibility is even poorer than usual.

C: Skyscraper

Commander Resource: Cruise Missile

The skyscraper no longer provides a high vantage point. The roof top is now out of bounds and the flag has been moved to the bottom floor of the skyscraper. Approaching the building using Personal Watercrafts or swimming has also changed, though to the attacker's advantage, as a layer of fog covers the water's surface and thus protects players in the water from being spotted easily. The skyscraper can not be taken down in this version as it's supposed to play out before the actual siege.

D: Arcade

Commander Resource: Vehicle Scan

The arcade is a plaza that includes many walled-off areas, the largest being a car dealership. There are two floors to the arcade. This area is very lit up, and will act as a key area to be if you don't have access to flashlights or night vision sights.

E: Restaurant

The restaurant is a two-story building, similar to the arcade. It, too, has well lighting in the area, but it is not as visible as the arcade.


  • 地圖是大型征服。解放軍控制了所有的旗幟。美國海軍陸戰隊比PLA多50點兵力值。
  • 儘管改回正常的大型征服,當前版本中美國海軍陸戰隊仍比PLA多50點兵力值。
  • Infiltration of Shanghai 在CTE Battlelog中顯示在最終反擊的DLC中,儘管它不是這個DLC的一部分。
  • 地圖的Levolution是在每個控制點一系列的開關控制電源,類似於目前的停車場和地鐵之間。 [1]
  • 在CTE 版本 No.176875 冬季補丁中, 服務器重新加入了Infiltration of Shanghai和Golmud Night 。


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