Battlefield 维基

Template:Infobox/developer Visceral Games (formerly EA Redwood Shores) is an American video game development studio internally owned by Electronic Arts. They are perhaps best known for the critically-acclaimed Dead Space franchise.


Visceral Games从1998到2009被称为EA Redwood Shores,位于加利福尼亚红木海岸,在相同的位置为EA公司总部。一个工作室在澳大利亚墨尔本,于2011年9月19日关闭。


  • Steve Papoutsis - 总经理和副总裁
  • Ian Milham - 创意总监



  • On Epicenter in Battlefield 3, in a building between flags A and B with a sign saying "Travel Agent", there is a hidden room with a shelf having the helmet of the Advanced Suit Isaac Clarke utilizes in Dead Space 2, a game developed by Visceral Games. If a player near the helmet listens very closely, he/she can hear Isaac breathing at moderate intervals.
  • Battlefield Heroes features the Advanced Suit from Dead Space 2 as an available skin.
  • On numerous boxes in Battlefield 4, the name "Visceral EA" can be seen on the packaging slips.
  • On Kunlun Mountains, before leaving the prison, a Work Bench from Dead Space 3 can be found.
  • A multiplayer dog tag for Battlefield 4 features the Visceral logo on it.
  • The default Emblem for all players in Battlefield Hardline is Visceral's logo.